Cost Calculator
Shipping rates, tax and duties

taobaoeng Cost Calculator provides an estimate of the total cost to buy and ship your packages globally to your address.

1. Please note that shipping rates below is only an estimation. This may change subject to the actual weight and dimensions taken when we receive the parcel. 

2. It is important to note that the shipping cost is based on the actual weight or dimensional Weight weight - whichever is the greater. This is the industry standards for calculating cost for international shipment.Please click here for a detailed explanation of dimensional weight.

3. Be careful not to order any items that can't be shipped due to legal or safety reasons.

4. All shipping rates estimates include fuel surcharge and VAT if applicable. Any import duties and taxes levied by the destination country or clearance document are the responsibility of the receiver.

5.Our minimum service fee is 20 CNY per shipment, If the below service fee is less than 20 CNY,you will instead be charged the minimum service fee of 20 CNY.

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